Photo Shoots Films and Special Events

with Horses and Carriages from

Cuadra San Francisco


The Vis a Vis from Cuadra San Francisco was used in a Wedding in Cabo del Sol October, 2013

Photo Shoot Invicta October 2013


July 2013 a Japanese film crew shot our Lippizzaner Stallion running down a deserted beach for a comercial for a sports drink.



Watch this YouTube video of a Special Event in the Canyon of San Carlos...................................Special Event

Cuadra San Francisco has horses and carriages ready

for your photo shoots and videos. 

May 2010 Medieval Knights Invade Los Cabos

Valente F. Barrena join the Knights with his falcon

Francisco and Valente Barrena with the Medieval Knights



Francisco J. Barrena with Medieval Knights in Cuadra San Francisco

Izod Photo Shoot November 2008

Francisco J. Barrena in a Photo Shoot for Las Ventanas al Paraisio Luxury Resort 09/08

Photo Shoot for a magazine for Esperanza Resorts 01/2008

March 2007 / Chico's Spring Fashion Catalog


Bruno Bancalari, Filmmaker from Los Cabos July 2007


February 2007 / Puerto Los Cabos Advertising Brochure

Valente Barrena in a Video Interview for Cabo Villas Palmilla April 2007

Music Video 2006


English Fashion Shoot 2005


2002  Catalog Shoot