Cuadra San Francisco School of Equitation

Cuadra San Francisco in Los Cabos, Mexico offers riding classes for

many different disciplines and levels of experience.  Both residents of Los Cabos

and tourists have the opportunity to take classes with Professor Valente F. Barrena.


Cuadra San Francisco offers group classes for children and beginners.

High level Dressage Classes are the speciality of Cuadra San Francisco.

Dressage will enable a rider of whatever level and whatever disipline to become a better rider.

Professor Valente F. Barrena on Aries, a warmblood mare, born and trained in Cuadra San Francisco

Professor Valente giving an exhibition in Todos Santos

Two students in passage

Pipa, a student from Australia, came to study with Francisco J Barrena


Valente F. Barrena looks proudly at his young jumpers who are ready for their lesson.

Izabella learning the Spanish Walk from Francisco J. Barrena


Valente´s students, Wendy and Izabella enjoying their exercises

Young Jumper